What We Do

Provide top quality services.
We use only original high-quality parts with a certified number and are not afraid to perform work of any complexity.

Modern equipment allows us to perform quick and accurate diagnostics of cars. All wizards have certificates confirming their qualifications.


The machines were serviced for all the time of operation


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What we offer

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Fuel System Repair

The fuel systems of modern cars are complex devices with electronic control. We strongly recommend diagnosis...

Exhaust System Repair

We have professional equipment, and our masters and auto-electricians perform the most accurate and competent...

Engine Cooling System Maintenance

To prevent faults of the engine cooling system, perform the following maintenance...

Electrical Diagnostics

Computer diagnostics of the car is able not only to carry out a set of necessary and, often, mandatory operations to control the state...

Starting and Charging Repair

The autoconditioning system, like any other part of the car, requires due attention and competent...

Wheel Alignment

All our workshops are fully equipped with professional diagnostic equipment. This means that we conduct detailed diagnostics...

CV Axles

During repair, you should not worry about spare parts for your generator. We have our own store-warehouse, which is replenished with...

Computer Diagnostic Testing

This electronic detection of problems and faults of your car, which entailed certain malfunctions ...

Oil Change

With the "express" replacement in the engine, there is more spent car than with the drain, which reduces its technical...

Brake Job / Brake Service

The braking system is one of the most important in the work of the car, because it is it that is responsible for...

General Auto Repair & Maintenance

Repair, which is performed to restore serviceability and complete or close to complete restoration....

Transmission Repair & Replacement

Parts of this system usually do not require frequent intervention, but it is necessary to monitor....

What we offer

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We provide a full-cycle auto service. This means that we can professionally and efficiently service a car of any brand, repair any difficulty in one visit.

We constantly work to develop the professionalism of employees, modernize production facilities and pay special attention to the material and technical component of the business.

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